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...making technology works

We use high tech innovation in helping clients to transform their businesses digitally by providing expert software engineering and consultancy services.

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Website Design

IB Servers offers a broad collection of website design, SEO, web development, and Internet marketing services aimed at establishing an exceptional and extremely valuable online presence for our clients. As a result of our vast knowledge, skill and passion, we are becoming a force in redesigning the web as we know it.

Technology Consulting

As technology swiftly advance, it’s more significant than ever to have an advance consultant on your side. We facilitate you lead with innovation-inspired technology and dexterity while also revitalizing your birthright system—at a pace that’s right for your business.

Content Management Services

Our Content Management System (CMS) can be used by several industries some of which includes non-profit, healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, government, and education amongst others. We build our CMS around your organization, with a specialty in flexibility, reliability, and customizable solutions.


About Us

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IB Servers

...making technology works

IB Servers is a fast paced organisation that provides her clients with the best of the best when it comes to all their tech needs. We accomplish this by always analysing each client’s situation and coming up with custom-made solutions. At IB Servers, you won’t necessarily pay more for customized solution than you would pay for the regular solutions offered by our competitors...

We stand out from the mass but for all the right reasons. We innovate, we move fast, and we constantly challenge ourselves to come up with better ways of doing things.